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CAPA’s first gathering was held on September 11, 2008 in Charlotte, NC. There were mixed emotions regarding scheduling our first meeting on such an important date. After much deliberation, it was unanimously decided to move forward and celebrate the spirit of the U.S. and aviation. It was a great time to band together and network within our industry on a local level.

The turn-out that night was beyond expectation, with 25+ schedulers, dispatchers and vendors in attendance. Soon after, we opened the group up to pilots, maintenance techs, flight attendants – anyone with a connection to business aviation.



To date, meetings have been held in Raleigh, Charleston, Greenville, Greensboro, Charlotte and Concord.


Supporting business aviation as an integral part of the local and surrounding business communities.

Promoting the values of professional practices, ethical conduct and standards of safety

Working within the public sector to educate and inform our communities of the benefits business aviation can provide

Demonstrate the significant role business aviation plays within the Carolinas and in the national transportation system

Increasing member visibility through networking opportunities and business referrals

Informative speakers & events

Marketing & advertising opportunities

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